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  • Vinit (18-06-2015 в 10:24:39)
    She looks extremely <a href="http://iwrzcmffqaw.com">beatuiful</a>!!! Especially in Prada dress.Some people say she is trying too hard to lose innocent look of Hermione. But that is what actors and actresses do, trying to find themselves, experimenting.

  • Manish (18-06-2015 в 10:08:15)
    She looks grown up without <a href="http://uqgngkm.com">lokniog</a> desperate like how some former child actors either pose for Playboy or try too hard to be edgy.' She's grown up here without <a href="http://uqgngkm.com">lokniog</a> like a skank.

  • Fajar (17-06-2015 в 10:59:10)
    which is also what you do when you are her age play around with looks, try dirfefent personas on thru hair and makeup and outfits. she's young and doing her experimenting and playing she's just lucky enough to be doing it with vogue stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists!!!

  • Monika (16-06-2015 в 15:13:46)
    She looks good. Normally I frown upon stars from changing their imge too much becsaue it usually means they're trying too hard to be something they really aren't. But this editorial shows Emma has a hard edge to her that will probably benefit her if she continues to foray in the movie industry. Especially Hollywood. Love her!

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